Continuation of European cooperation with partners from Sweden

On the basis of perennial cooperation with the educational institution ABF from Sweden, contracts on the continuation of cooperation between the institution from the Swedish city of Halmstad and a number of towns and municipalities of Vojvodina have been signed today at the European Affairs Fund-AP Vojvodina.

Until the end of 2011, EUR 30,000 will be invested in “education circles” of the English and German languages, computer courses, drama groups, culture and art societies, handicraft and cooking lessons. “A specific trait of Swedish society is, among other things, lifelong learning. The colleagues from Vojvodina have recognized it and included it in their educational profiles It is very nice to see a groups of people from teenage to ‘golden age’ conquering together Facebook, and on the other hand, maintaining old crafts“, said Braco Kalajdžić, representative of ABF. In addition to work in classrooms, there will be organized visits for our attendees to Sweden and for their Swedish partners to AP Vojvodina, as well as language school camps this year.