Continuation of the lectures “History and the Creation of the European Union” at the elementary school of the municipality of Zrenjanin

The representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, Jelena Radosavljević Rovčanin and Teodor Milkov Manić have held another lecture “History and the Creation of the European Union” for the sixth-grade pupils of elementary schools in the municipality of Zrenjanin, within the framework of the “European Village” event, which would gather pupils of the municipality on Europe Day in 2018.

The lectures were held in the elementary schools of “S. Rodić” in Lazarevo,”S. M. Toza” in Elemir and “Dr. Vrebalov” in Melenci, which were attended by more than a hundred pupils along with their teachers.

The pupils were explained the position of the European Union and the historical circumstances that influenced its formation and the focus was on the significance and goals behind the unification of the nations of Europe. The lecture was interactive, the pupils posed a number of questions and they showed great knowledge of geography and history of Europe, as well as knowledge of the European Union.