Continuance of cooperation with the municipality of Novi Bečej

Providing support for municipalities of AP Vojvodina, the representatives of European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina: Milan Čežek, Zoran Pavić and Teodora Milkov Manić visited the municipality of Novi Bečej where they were welcomed by Mile Baštovanov, president of the Municipal Assembly, Arsen Pajić, secretary of the Community Centre of Novo Miloševo and their associates.
The representatives of the local self-governments and the Fund agreen on a more comprehensive and direct cooperation in the use of EU funds to a greater scope. Moreover, the Fund was asked to provide traning courses in the near future, so as to increase the institutional capacities of municipality.
At the initiative of the municipal representatives, a meeting was held with the headteachers of five elementary schools: “Josif Mariković“ and “Milivoj Čiplić“ of Novi Bečej, “Dositej Obradović“ of Bočar, “Đorđe Jovanović“ of Novo Miloševo and “Milan Stančić Uča“ of Kumane, where leactures on the European Union, as well as the culture and tradition of nations and states making up modern Europe were given to pupils in the period from 1 April to 3 April 2019.