Continuation of the cooperation with the Prešov region in Slovakia

On 10 January 2018, a meeting was held between Natália Tarasovová, Director of Prešov Region Brussels Office, and Srđan Mačkić, Head of Vojvodina European Office in Brussels, at the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels. The cooperation between the two regions in Brussels commenced in the previous period and was enhanced during the preparation of the consortium for EWRC 2016. The two regions expressed their readiness to work closely in the coming period.

At the meeting, the discussion touched upon the similarities between the two regions, possible directions of future cooperation and specific joint projects. Special reference was made to the successful example of the AP Vojvodina in promoting and exercising the rights of national minorities, especially in the case of the Slovaks living in Vojvodina. Culture could be the field where the specific cooperation could be attained in the future. In this respect, the director of the Prešov Region Brussels Office suggested that AP Vojvodina should host an exhibition of the photographs of the Prešov region with a unique natural heritage included in the UNESCO’s List. The exhibition has already been held outside the borders of Slovakia.

The Slovak colleagues were especially interested in the projects: OPENS 2019 – Novi Sad European Youth Capital and Novi Sad 2021 – Novi Sad European Capital of Culture. The city from the neighbouring Slovak region Košice was also pointed out as a positive example, which owing to similar projects, improved the cultural offer, content and infrastructure, both of the region and the whole country to a considerable extent.

Moreover, the discussion also touched upon the experience of the Prešov region in the “Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Environment” movement, being the world’s largest urban climate change and environmental protection initiative, as well as the possibility of including AP Vojvodina in the activities of the initiative.