The Office for European Affairs in visit to Western Serbia at the invitation of Užice

Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs, together with Italian investors, have visited the administration and more important businessmen of that region, on the basis of the signed Cooperation Agreement between the Office for European Affairs and the town of Užice, with reference to the promotion of European values, joint project design and Vojvodina’s support to regional partners in other parts of the Republic of Serbia.

The production of healthy food attracted the greatest interest, whereas transport and appropriate certification for export to countries in the EU were labeled as major challenges that region was facing. Moreover, it was agreed to support the initiative for opening a technology park, which would carry out the necessary certification in cooperation with the institutions of Vojvodina.

During the visit to Užice, it was agreed with the mayor, Jovan Marković that the region of Western Serbia and the town of Užice would host the meeting with Italian partner regions at the end of May. “The institutions of AP Vojvodina support the local and regional development of the rest of the country. Since the regionalization process of the country is lagging behind, other parts of the country, except for Vojvodina, do not have possibilities to sign regional agreements, therefore, Vojvodina’s support is extremely important in this interim period”, said Marković.