A new field of cooperation with Sweden

Ulf Brauer and Tina Erickson, representatives of Komtek, have visited the Office for European Affairs, on the basis of cooperation with partners from Sweden. Komtek deals with the education of children in using new technologies, as well as with the retraining of adults in technical sphere. It was founded by the city of Helsingborg.


“The challenges we are facing due to the world economic crisis make us study even in ‘mature years’ and be trained in new fields of knowledge, and Sweden is a state which has shown the importance of non-formal education to the whole European Union. I believe that we will succeed in realising some kind of training in the technical sphere as well, through cooperation with the partners from Sweden, and after having successfully organised training for senior citizens, unemployed persons, and children in computer literacy and basics of the English Language”, said Andrija Aleksić of the Office for European Affairs at the meeting with the guests from Sweden.