The new training “EU Funding Opportunities“ at the invitation of the “Biznis na štiklama (Business on High Heals)“ association

The second part of the training course “EU Funding Opportunities” has been held at “Biznis na štiklama (Business on High Heals)”. It was organized by the European Affairs Fund of APV took place and held by its representatives Jelena Tošković and Jelena Radosavljević Rovčanin.

As in the previous training session, the participants informed about the available EU funds offering grants. It was an introduction for further training in EU project management, as well as for hands-on experience in the development and elaboration of the project idea. During the three-day training course, the participants were familiarized with the analysis of the project objective by applying the logical framework, the manner of defining project activities and their budgeting. As a result of the practical part, two project proposals were developed, one that aimed at supporting persons with disabilities and other one targeting a group of children of higher elementary-school grades and the topic of peer violence.