New EU funds for development worth over EUR 15 million

On this occasion, I may announce that a new EU call for proposals under the CBC programme with Hungary is open until 30 May. Our province is meeting this opportunity worth over EUR 15 million fully prepared not only in Vojvodina, but here in Brussels as well. Out of this total amount, 7.4 million will be invested in the modernisation and improvement of border crossing infrastructure, reconstruction of local roads and support for improvement of transport system. Almost EUR 4 million are allocated for projects related to environmental protection, and I would like to mention here projects related to water management, flood protection, modernisation of canal network, suppression of ambrosia, etc. Around EUR 2.5 million have been planned for the support of economic relations, joint performance on new markets, tourism development with emphasis on projects related to the protection of cultural heritage, religious facilities, as well as for institutions dealing with research and innovation. Around EUR 1.2 million will be invested in education, culture and areas where sports clubs, non-profit and student associations can participate. Project duration is from 6 to 18 months, whereas, the co-financing rate is 15%, which means that the rest 85% is a grant. Eligible applicants are cities, municipalities, public utility companies, development agencies, chambers of commerce, sports and youth associations, culture organisations, etc.”, said Predrag Novikov, head of Vojvodina European Office in Brussels.