Training course “Prospects of Financing through EU Funds” at the secondary vocational school “Branko Radičević” in Ruma

The representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, Jelena Radosavljević Rovčanin and Jelena Tošković, held training “Prospects of Financing through EU Funds” at the secondary school “Branko Radičević” in Ruma on 6-8 June 2018. The school has experience in writing EU projects for the Erasmus+, and they were able to get acquainted with the INTERREG IPA cross-border cooperation programmes for the first time.
On the first day, the participants were divided into 3 groups, and after presentations on the programme available to Serbia, as well as AP Vojvodina, each group designed a project proposal (and selected the programme under which the application could be submitted) and developed it during the training session.
The next day, the presentation involved the logical matrix, a document of great importance when developing a project proposal. In accordance with their ideas, the participants defined the overall objective, specific objectives, results and activities, objectively verifiable indicators, sources of verification, risks and assumptions, and in this way they mastered filling in the logical matrix.
On the third day, the lecturers presented the project budgeting, and after the theoretical part, the groups did an exercise, and as every time before, the representatives of each group presented the budget of their project proposals.
At the end of the training, 3 excellent project ideas were produced that could be submitted as applications under the INTERREG IPA CBC Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina, INTERREG IPA CBC Programme Croatia-Serbia and INTERREG IPA CBC Programme Hungary-Serbia.
At the end of the training, the participants were awarded certificates of successful training completion.