A video conference was held on the occasion of the beginning of the Intereg – IPA project Hungary-Serbia entitled: “Youth and Heritage – Tradition and Future in the Cross-Border Region – HERINFUTUR”

Today, on December 18, 2020, in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina, a video conference was held on the occasion of the beginning of the Intereg – IPA project Hungary-Serbia entitled: “Youth and Heritage – Tradition and Future in the Cross-Border Region – HERINFUTUR”.
As the host of the video conference, the director of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina Aleksandar Simurdić addressed, who on this occasion pointed out that historical circumstances have created some new cultural opportunities, which connect us all. He pointed out that the cultural protection of goods is our pledge for the future and that is why young people are the focus of this project. The entire heritage belongs to everyone and that is why it has been an important part of public discourse and the primary resource for the development of the creative economy for the last few decades.
“Heritage ensures cultural continuity, the process of identification and strengthening of individual and collective identity, respect for other cultures and diversity of cultural expressions, affirmation of symbolic, educational, social, economic and other values. Also, cultural heritage is a knowledge base for the development of a creative society and a means of encouraging local economic development. Recognition of potential and sustainable management of cultural heritage should serve local governments as a framework for its inclusion in other local development strategies and projects. Cultural heritage may also be relevant in terms of a local environmental plan, or a local tourism development strategy. Revitalization of urban spaces is another of the effects of the rehabilitation of cultural heritage, which is, among other things, one of the program goals of Novi Sad in the preparations for 2021, the year of the European Capital of Culture. In the end, not least, the cultural heritage is relevant for encouraging entrepreneurship, as well as the development of small and medium enterprises,” Simurdić pointed out.
The provincial secretary for culture, public information and relations with religious communities, Dragana Milošević, as well as the vice-president of the assembly of the Csongrád-Chanad County, Ersh Polner, also addressed the video conference.
Emphasizing the great satisfaction that this is the second project of this type of cooperation in the past two years, Secretary Milosevic emphasized its special importance, starting from the fact that cultural heritage in multiethnic communities is a special bridge of communication, civilizational heritage and respect for diversity.
I am especially glad, Dragana Milošević emphasized that young people, both from Csongrád County and our children, will have the opportunity to get to know and upgrade their existing knowledge about cultural heritage, its protection and preservation through workshops, education and knowledge about differences.
Vice President of the Assembly of the County of Csongrád-Chanad Ersh Polner pointed out his satisfaction that the Intereg-IPA cross-border cooperation program Hungary-Serbia will be implemented within the financial period 2014-2020 of the European Union.
Marko Tešić and Filip Jovanović from the Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities presented the plan and program of activities of this project, worth 130,150.14 euros.