A two-day workshop “Preparation of projects within the Creative Europe“

The Antenna of Creative Europe Culture Desk Serbia, operating within the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, organized a two-day workshop from 31st October to 1st November 2017 aimed at training the participants in the development of projects funded under the Creative Europe.

The seminar participants were welcomed by Ivana Đurica, Assistant Director at the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, and Dimitrije Tadić, Head of Creative Europe Desk Serbia, who gave a brief overview of the programme in his opening presentation. Milan Đorđević and Nina Mihaljinac, colleagues from the Desk, gave a number of examples of the projects that had been funded and implemented successfully under the programme. The participants of the workshop had an opportunity to hear about “Culture and Creative Industry” by Relja Bobić, who gave a retrospective look at the establishment of a specific and today renowned organization in Southeast Europe “Nova iskra (New sparkle)“ and shared his experience of the work on two EU projects in which “Nova iskra“ participated. The end of the day was marked by an active analysis of project ideas by each participant preparing for the ongoing call for proposals of European Cooperation Projects 2018, open until 18th January 2018. The second day was marked by the presentation on project budgets and documentation necessary for applying under this European programme. The participants obtained detailed information about formulating the project budget and importance of quality partnerships, and went through the application form with Marija Popović.

This time, the workshop was attended by 25 participants, who had been selected on the basis of a call under which almost a hundred applications had been submitted.