Educational workshop for farmers

Within the “Eco-friendly water management against extreme weather conditions in the cross-border area” – ECOWAM” project in Temerin, the second educational workshop was held in Temerin on 15th March 2018. The workshop was aimed at agriculturalists and all stakeholders from the municipality of Temerin and Vrbas, which by their actions could contribute to the improvement of the quality of water bodies.

The workshop aimed at presenting the main project activities, drainage and irrigation options, as well as the water quality of the Jegrička, since the greatest part of project activities will be implemented on the territory of the municipalities of Temerin and Vrbas. Another topic of the workshop was how agriculturalists could influence the prevention of water pollution and improve the water quality of the Jegrička.


The meeting was opened by Ivana Mitrović, member of the municipal investment council of the municipality of Temerin, Gabriella Haas, Assistant Director for European Cooperation at the  European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina and Aleksandar Kocan, Assistant Director for Development at the PWMC “Vode Vojvodine“. Jasminka Gajer, PWMC “Vode Vojvodine“ Novi Sad and Tijana Krstić Maravić, European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, presented to all participants the main project activities, while Mina Jakovljević, PWMC “Vode Vojvodine“ Novi Sad presented the Jegrička as a part of the Basic Canal Network Hydrosystem – Danube-Tisa-Danube and its role in the Canal for drainage and irrigation.


Sonja Pogrmić, Department of Biology and Ecology, the Faculty of Sciences, University of Novi Sad, spoke about the quality of the water of the Jegrička on the basis of hydrobiological and physico-chemical parameters. Finally, all the guests were addressed by Tamara Šita, Director of the Tourist Organization of the Temerin Municipality, emphasising the importance of the project for the municipality of Temerin when in terms of tourism potentials.

The project, with the overall value of EUR 1,758,447.43, of which the amount of the EU contribution is EUR 1,494,680.31, is implemented by the Lower Tisza District Water Directorate–ATIVIZIG (Hungary), PWMC “Vode Vojvodine” Novi Sad (Serbia) and European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (Serbia). The implementation of the project, co-financed by EU under Interreg IPA CBC Hungary-Serbia started on 1st October 2017 and will last until 30th September 2019.


The project aims at preventing the negative effects on the quality of water bodies by establishing a joint system for water management improvement in the AP Vojvodina and the Csongrád County. During the implementation of the project, the Jegrička River and Kurca main channel in Hungary will be revitalized; hydro-biological analysis of the quality of water and sludge of the Jegrička and the Kurca main channel will be done at selected sites before and after the dredging in accordance with Article 8 of the EU Water Framework Directive; experience between Serbian and Hungarian partners in the field of sustainable water management and nature protection will be exchanged; an appropriate path will be built along the river in the Jegrička Nature Park; a study on the Jegrička Nature Park about the impact of underground and surface waters will be made and a joint database will be developed as a basis for an exchange of experience and future cooperation.