Training in preparation of European projects in Bački Petrovac

At the invitation of representatives of Bački Petrovac Municipality, the representatives of the European Affairs Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina have held a tree-day training course under the title “Prospects of Financing through EU Funds” at Bački Petrovac Municipality. The training session was opened by Ana Tomanova Makanova, Vice-president of the Assembly of Autonomous Province Vojvodina, and Pavel Marčok, President of Bački Petrovac Municipality, who emphasised the importance of such types of training courses for capacity building of institutions and organisations from Vojvodina for EU funds.

The training involved a series of presentations and workshops in which the participants could gain hands-on experience in drafting European projects through workshops and tasks, as well as learn more about the application criteria and procedures in order to optimise the use of available EU funds. The goal of the training was to equip participants with knowledge and skills necessary for project development on their own, in compliance with EU requirements. Thus, the attendees were informed about the tools and steps in project proposal development, such as problem tree, objective tree, logical framework, etc. The project budgeting, application and evaluation were presented on the last day. Upon completing the training, the participants were awarded certificates by the European Affairs Fund of AP of Vojvodina.