Training in the use of EU funds and project development in compliance with EU regulations

In cooperation with the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina and Human Resources Management Service, a training course under the title „The funds of the European Union from the idea to realisation” has been held on Andrevlje, at the Centre for Economic and Technological Development (CePTOR). The goal of the training was to build the capacity of the province for active call search, development of project ideas and applications aimed at available funds of the European Union.

In interactive workshops, the participants could develop potential project proposals in teams based on their examples, whereas after the training course, they were capable of developing project ideas on their own and positioning them strategically within defined priorities and available funds. The participants were comprised of the representative of the Guarantee Fund of AP Vojvodina; Vojvodina Capital Investment Fund; Assembly of AP Vojvodina; Provincial Secretariat for Education, Administration and National Communities; Provincial Secretariat for Health Care, Social Policy and Demography; Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information; Science Veterinary Institute „Novi Sad“; as well as the Trade Union Organisation of Employees of Provincial Administration and Service of AP Vojvodina.