A visit to Kanjiža within the Specialised Programme

On Saturday, 7 December, the participants of the 6th cycle of the Specialised Programme “Management of Regional Development through EU Funds” visited the municipality of Kanjiža within the framework of the second field visit.

The participants were welcomed by Robert Fejsztámer, Municipal President, as well as Dragana Lukić Bošnjak and Krisztina Molnár Makai, representatives of the Centre for Information and Development of the Tisa Region. The goal of the field visit was for the Programme attendees to learn about examples of best practice. The municipality of Kanjiža is among the successful municipalities which have attracted grants thanks to EU project development and implementation.

The municipality of Kanjiža has participated in the INTERREG IPA CBC Programme Hungary-Serbia, INTERREG IPA CBC Programme Romania-Serbia, as well as in EU Programmes – Еrasmus+, Еurope for Citizens and Danube Transnational Programme. Among the presented projects, the most important ones were the TISAMUR project dealing with eco-tourism and environmental protection, the OASIS project, in which one the partners was the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina and which encouraged tourism and cooperation in culture, and the CULTSTREAM project focusing on the Tisa river.

The president of the municipality has recognised the importance of applying for EU programmes because of the fact that he has had long lasting experience in EU project writing and implementation. The municipality offers financial assistance both to the public sector and the civil one. The participants asked a lot of questions, after which, they visited the Tisa pier the municipality obtained from the project, as well as a small prefabricated house, kayaks and life jackets.