Expert conference “Youth and Heritage” was held

In the Assembly of AP Vojvodina in Novi Sad, on April 20, 2022, an expert conference was held within the project “Youth and Heritage – Tradition and Future in the Region of Cross-Border Cooperation” organized by the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina. The project worth 130,156.14 EUR is co-financed by the European Union within the Intereg IPA cross-border cooperation program Hungary-Serbia.

In the previous year, young people from Hungary and Serbia learned about the cultural heritage of this region at workshops, lectures and study trips in Vojvodina and Hungary, and learned how to promote and preserve it for future generations.

“This program is intended for young people and gives them the opportunity to jointly create programs and events. So far, there have been eight programs in Serbia and Hungary, whose goal is to pass on the cultural tradition to new generations,” said Ana Madjar, cultural advisor. sports and youth of the county of Csongrád – Chanad.

In addition to preservation, one of the goals of the project is to point out how sustainable management of cultural heritage can help the economic development of local communities.

“The most important part of the project is that young people are part of it. In workshops at eminent cultural institutions, they learned about the splendor of cultural heritage and the importance of caring for it,” said Dragana Milošević, provincial secretary for culture, public information and relations with religious communities.
“Protection, study and promotion should be the goals and potentials of Serbia and Hungary, which will make it recognizable and contribute to a better positioning on the cultural map of Europe and the world,” said Aleksandar Simurdić, director of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina.

The director of the Foundation “Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture” Nemanja Milenković and the head of the Branch of the French Institute in Novi Sad Vladimir Marinković spoke about the importance of cultural heritage in the thematic block “European aspects”. The head of the Architectural Sector of the Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, Slavica Vujović, spoke on the topic “Protection of cultural heritage on the territory of AP Vojvodina”, while the representative of that county, Peter Folbert, spoke on the topic “Protection of cultural heritage on the territory of Csongrad Chanad County, EU regulations”. The director of the Museum of Vojvodina, Dr. Tijana Stanković Pešterac, presented the work of that cultural institution, and especially referred to the cultural heritage, which is presented to the public through exhibitions, educational programs and modern technologies.
Holders of the IPA project “Youth and Heritage – Tradition and Future in the Cross-Border Area” are the Provincial Government, the European Affairs Fund and the Csongrád – Chanad County.