First training for health workers within the Mos-cross2 project was held

Within the Mos-Cross2 project, from 16-17th September, a first two-day training for health workers in Ruma was assembled. During the project, a total of 6 training sessions will be held, at which health workers will expand their knowledge about mosquitos as vectors of infectious diseases.
The training was attended by total of 40 health workers from the Teaching Institute for Public Health of Osjek-Baranja County, the Institute for Public Health Sombor, the Institute for Public Health of Požega-Slavonia County, the Institute of Public Health of Vojvodina and members of project teams.
During the first day, participants learned more about mosquito species in the region, monitoring as well as different methods of mosquito sampling. In the field exercise, participants were shown how to set various mosquito traps, and how to use dry ice and other mosquito attractants. Within the second day, the participants did three practical exercises: analysis of mosquitos that they collected in the field, determination and examination of mosquitos using special microscopes and magnifying glasses.