A meeting of the coordination group for the use of EU funds

The fourth meeting of the coordination group for the use of EU funds has been held and it has been organised by the European Fund of AP Vojvodina. The coordination group members were informed about the new call under EXCHANGE 4, which aroused great interest from the participants and a lot of questions. The Exchange 4 programme is an inseparable part of ongoing process of EU efforts focusing on improving municipal management, aimed at fostering local development, together with strengthening the Stand Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) to provide services, information and tools to assist the municipalities in these efforts.

The programme will enhance administrative capacities and service provision effectiveness by local self-government units in Serbia in line with principles of Public Administration Reform strategy, specific national, regional and local policies and EU practices. In addition, the new call under CIP Eco-Innovation was presented, within which institutions from Serbia are eligible to apply. The meeting was attended by representatives of municipalities, provincial secretariats, accredited regional development agencies, public enterprises, University of Novi Sad and other relevant institutions.