A meeting was held with representatives of Media Desk Creative Europe and Radio Television of Vojvodina

On Friday, March 11, 2022, a meeting was held at Radio Television of Vojvodina, attended by Una Domazetoski, representative of the Media Desk Creative Europe Serbia, Jožef Klem, director of Radio Television of Vojvodina, representatives of the Radio Television of Vojvodina project team and representatives of the European Affairs Fund AP Vojvodina.
The meeting served to present the EU calls available to Serbia to the representatives of Radio Television of Vojvodina. Within the Creative Europe program, they are a cross-sectoral sub-program – a competition called media literacy and within the sub-program Media – a competition called innovative tools. Also, the ideas and needs of Radio Television of Vojvodina were presented, as well as what should be achieved in the coming period. At the next meeting, the development of a concrete project proposal will begin.
The biggest advantage of Radio Television of Vojvodina is that it broadcasts its programs in 16 different languages, which gives it a significant advantage over other public services.