The seventh partner meeting of the “Mosquito Control in Cross-border Area – MOS-Cross“ project

The seventh project team meeting of the “Mosquito Control in Cross-border Area (MOS-Cross)” project was held on 17th June 2019.

The partners discussed the activities implemented until June. The partners also visited elementary schools in Osijek and Sombor, as well as health-care institutions for the elderly. On that occasion, info-workshops on the protection against mosquitoes were held and the educational promotional video about mosquitoes was promoted.
Moreover, the development of the database, which will be on the project website so that citizens could see when there is more or less need to protect themselves from mosquitoes, is about to be completed.
During the meeting, a general agreement on the date of the project closing conference was made, which was to be held at the end of September / beginning of October 2019.

The partners also discussed the continuation of the “Mosquito Control in Cross-border Area 2 (MOS-Cross 2)” project that should be signed and start being implementing during the summer.