Seminar for municipal representatives

At the invitation addressed to municipalities and some institutions of AP Vojvodina, the European Affairs Fund-AP Vojvodina has organised and held an initial meeting with the representatives of local authorities. The attendees were experts who have already been engaged or are being trained in project writing under EU programmes.

Opening the meeting, Ivana Đurica, Assistant Director of European Affairs Fund-AP Vojvodina, emphasised the opportunities the new EU programmes offer, of which there is a growing number as we are approaching the EU. “Our readiness to design successful projects is the safest way in which citizens can influence the improvement in daily living conditions in their local authority”, said Ivana Đurica. The meeting was attended by representatives of approximately fifteen municipalities of Vojvodina. The employees of the European Affairs Fund-AP Vojvodina provided them with information on the currently open cross-border cooperation programmes, as well as examples of good practice – details on successful projects which received EU funding.