Šid Municipality is implementing an EU project to teach migrants Serbian

The representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, Zoran Pavić and Senka Bengin, in cooperation with the representatives of the Vojvodina Development Agency, Мајa Skojić Heger and Jaroslava Ferko, have visited today the municipality of Šid where they met Branimirka Riđošić, head of the Department for Local and Economic Development and her associates.
During the meeting, a more comprehensive cooperation between the representatives of the local self-government and the Fund was agreed regarding the prospects of EU funding by providing assistance in the selection and writing of EU funded projects by the Fund’s employees.

The representatives of Šid Municipality are implementing the EXCHANGE 5 project – inventory listing, as well as on a project providing a course of the Serbian language for migrants. The representatives of Šid Municipality are interested in attending the training course “EU Funding Opportunities“  that would be held by the employees of the European Affairs Fund, so that they could contribute to a greater development of their local self-government through this type of education.

During the meetings, the discussion also touched upon the prospect for cooperation between the representatives of the local self-governments and the Vojvodina Development Agency through the use of subsidies, as well as through the drafting of development of documents that directly concerning the public local self-government.