The Office for European Affairs – Open Doors of Srem

After the successful completion of the action “Open Doors of Banat“, which was realized in February and March this year, the Office for European Affairs has started a new programme of support for the institutions from Srem through the initiative “Open Doors of Srem”. Meetings have been planned for 21 April and 27 April. The department for cross-border cooperation programmes of the Office for European Affairs will be offering assistance to persons and organisations interested in applying for EU funds then.kep “It is in the strategic interest of the province that as many actors as possible both from the province and the whole country develop their capacity for project management. It is of special importance that human resources in all local self-governments are trained to manage those initiatives. During yesterday’s campaign “Open Doors of Srem“, support was offered to the institutions of the municipalities of Ruma, Indjija and Irig, Tourist Organisation of Ruma, Rural Development Agency of Indjija and some NGOs”, said Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs.