Open registration for the European Week of Regions and Cities

As of today, 8th July 2019, the registration website for participation in more than 300 events within the framework of the European Week of Regions and Cities, to be held in Brussels from 7-10 October 2019, is open. The EWRC is one of the biggest events in Brussels, which has been held since 2003, with regard to regional policies and initiatives. More than 6,000 participants are expected this year, and the registration is open for more than 300 events.

The European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina and the Vojvodina European Office in Brussels are inviting you to register via the following link to the event that the AP Vojvodina will organize together with partners from Italy, Austria, Spain, France, Greece, Norway and Poland.

In addition to presentations on social policies and initiatives across Europe, within the framework of the of the event that the AP Vojvodina is organizing at the headquarters of the Committee of the Regions in Brussels on 8 October, commencing at 14:30, visitors will be able to get acquainted with the policies and initiatives the Foundation “OPENS2019” is implementing on behalf of AP Vojvodina by promoting the City of Novi Sad, the European Youth Capital in 2019.

All events during the EWRC, as well as the registration can be found on the following link:

Looking forward to seeing you in October in Brussels!