The Cross-border Cooperation Programme with Hungary in the overall amount of €16.6 million has opened

The new Cross-border Cooperation Programme with Hungary has been presented at the Office for European Affairs. “Institutions from the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina can submit their projects proposals to apply for funds in the overall amount of €16.6 million from today until the end of the year. The priorities are the following:1. Infrastructure and common responsibility for the environment, where itwill be possible to finance projects on construction and reconstruction of lead up roads up to €1.5 million. The funds will also be used forparking space, cycle routes, harbour and marina development, etc). 2. Economy, education and culture, with the focus on support to SMEs,enhancing their productive and trade neighbour relations, innovation, newtechnological development, up to the amount of €400,000 per project. Moreover, the same amount can also beused for education, where exchange of students and teachers, developmentof accredited institutions, support to primary and secondary schools willespecially be promoted. 3. Technical assistance in culture, art and tourism, by organisingfestivals, concerts, exhibitions, humanitarian actions, etc. The maximumamount per project can be €100,000”,said Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs.

In additions, it was pointed out that the institution-applicant needs to provide 15% of the total project amount, and similar to previous years, the Office for European Affairs is going to initiate a new cycle of “The Office for European Affairs on Tour”, so that the implementation of new projects, which could contribute to the improvement of living standards and economic and social development, would be supported.