About employment prospects of women with disabilities

Novi Sad, 28 March – The Office for European Affairs organized a meeting on employment prospects of women with disabilities for the members of “…Iz kruga – Vojvodina” (Out of Circle – Vojvodina) organization, which was held yesterday. The topic ensued after two seminars on women entrepreneurship.

Jasmina Stanić, Advisor for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities at the Provincial Secretariat for Labor, Employment and Gender Equality, talked about statistical data and the status of women with disabilities in the labor market, whereas Maja Branković Đundić, Officer for Employment at the Secretariat, presented the Program for Encouragement of Employment and Self-employment for Women. The Draft Program is finished and a public debate is to ensue.

Marija Vrebalov – Cvijić, Development Fund of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, talked about the possibility of designing targeted job advertisements for persons with disabilities, while Bora Pavlović, National Employment Service, explained the national employment subsidies for persons with disabilities.