European partnership signed between the Office for European Affairs and the city of Kraljevo

A Memorandum on Cooperation between the Office for European Affairs and the city of Kraljevo has been signed in Kraljevo today. The Memorandum, signed by Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs, and Milan Samardžić, Deputy Mayor of Kraljevo, is based on establishing procedures for the improvement of cooperation on strengthening regionalization processes in our country, creation of European projects, promotion of economic and administrative capacities in the country, planning, monitoring and building institutional capacities in compliance with the requirements for EU accession and coordination of training procedures for the administration, etc. Special attention will be paid to the harmonization of programmes, projects and activities in the area of the local and regional development and promotion of common European values and ideas.

“The Office for European Affairs and Vojvodina are continuing to provide assistance to local self-governments and institutions engaged in local and regional development. Serbia cannot initiate its full potential if some parts of the country still lack administrative capacities for the realization of European projects. With reference to cross-border cooperation programmes, we have submitted more than 250 project ideas to Brussels this year and the fact that institutions and citizens of our province have recognised the significance of applying for funds is a great success. However, the situation is different in other parts of the country, where there is still lack of specific information on how, who, when and with whom to apply and use the chances the European path offers. That is the reason why I am in Kraljevo today and why Vojvodina is offering a hand of cooperation to its local and regional partners in the country”, said Predrag Novikov.