Agreement on Cooperation signed with the representation office of Petroleum Industry of Serbia in Brussels

The representation offices of AP Vojvodina and Petroleum Industry of Serbia (NIS) have signed an agreement on cooperation in Brussels today. It is based on mutual wish and interest to make optimal use of the energy potentials of our province and the whole country. “Vojvodina has capacity for research and investment in a lot of areas of energy sector, from the use of biomass, to thermal, hydro, solar and wind energy, whereas on the basis of adopted strategies and priorities, the provincial administration has clearly emphasized its wish for the cooperation with companies in this area to become the basis of new economic development “, said Predrag Novikov, director of Vojvodina European Office in Brussels, whilst signing the agreement.

“On the other hand, Vojvodina European Office in Brussels is a service assisting not only institutions, but also companies operating in Vojvodina and it should be said that NIS has recognised its interest in cooperating and being with us at places where decisions are made almost on a daily basis, which can have significant impact on the success in their business. Not having information and not thinking of long-term consequences of lack of lobbying for ones’ interests is surely one of the most expensive options“, said Novikov. It is estimated that after the beginning of negotiations for EU accession of our country, there will be gradual implementation of European regulations and application of standards in a number of sectors of economy, thus, it is necessary to start with modernisation and preparations for business at the European market, which has over 500 million consumers and which is already the final destination of the majority of export products from our country.

As far as the agreement is concerned, it lays the base for joint projects by means of which applications for EU development funds will be submitted, furthermore capacity promotion of AP Vojvodina in the field of renewable sources of energy, and cooperation in relation to relevant European institutions. On the basis of provincial administration’s approach towards the support for regional cooperation and strengthening of long-term partnership relations with regions all over Europe, we already have a lot of partners here in Brussels and in other European capitals and it is very important for state institutions and private sector to make use of that. “NIS is evidently on a good path to do it“, said Predrag Novikov.