Preparations for the Conference of European Regions and Cities in Salzburg have started

Novi Sad, 2 July – In preparation for the organization of 4th Conference of European Regions and Cities, organized by the Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE) in the Austrian city of Salzburg, the Director of the Office for European Affairs talked yesterday to Dr. Franz Schausberger, President of IRE. This year‘s conference, to be held from 24th-27th August in Salzburg, highlights the growing economic importance of the regions and cities of Europe. The Office for European Affairs has been an IRE member since 2006. This year’s conference will have 4 working groups: 1. Financing of Regional and Local Infrastructure Projects, 2. Tourism in European Regions and Cities, 3. Energy and Water Management, 4. Regional Research and Innovation.

As per agreement, the Director of the Office for European Affairs is going to present Vojvodina’s investment, tourist and administrative potentials, whilst our Province, being the country’s only representative, will be presented to other working groups as well. Ministers from Austria, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries will address the conference. It is planned to have meetings with the representative of the Committee of the Regions and with the highest representatives of European regions, among which is Baden-Württemberg, Germany, upon Vojvodina’s projects that could be financed from EU funds. – “Vojvodina is not accidentally the strongest force of Europeisation in our country today, and we wish to attract new investments, create new workplaces, give a chance to young people and provide greater safety for the elderly by performing more actively. Vojvodina will give assistance to the other interested regions of our country, since it is important to spread goodness and knowledge about the opportunities Europe offers all over the country. All the citizens of our country should know what Europe is and what it offers”, said Predrag Novikov after the meeting.