A lecture by a foreign visiting lecturer within the Programme “Management of Regional Development through EU Funds“

Darko Telić, visiting foreign lecturer (from the Republic of Srpska), held a lecture “Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina 2014-2020“ within the third cycle of the Programme “Management of Regional Development through EU Funds“ on Saturday, 18th November. The Programme is being co-organized by the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina and the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, Department in Novi Sad.

In working groups, the participants presented the summary of their project ideas developed during the Programme and adjusted them, this time, to the needs of the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Darko Telić has had 17 years of experience in his career in the field of preparation and management of projects. In the past 7 years, he has been working as the coordinator of institutions at the level of the republic in the preparation, implementation and reporting on the implementation of IPA/IPA II Programme, promotion of the use of EU funds in the Republic of Srpska and the development of absorption capacities of ministries, institutions, agencies, local self-government units and other potential applicants. He has held more than 150 seminars in the field of European funds and participated in a lot of training programmes in the field of European financial instruments and programmes.