The representatives of AP Vojvodina in Brussels participated in the Energy Info Days

A three-day event on project funding in the field of energy under the Horizon 2020 was held in Brussels from 23rd to 25th October 2017. This significant event gathered a number of representatives from the sector of energy, members of different institutions and regional authorities.

The representatives of AP Vojvodina in Brussels informed the participants about the ongoing trends and needs of the energy sector in the province, with special reference to energy efficiency of public facilities. In addition, a number of meetings were held on the margins of the event with experts in the sector, university representatives, consultants, i.e. people engaged in project development under the Horizon 2020.

The event was organized by the European Commission and it aimed at, first of all, informing the participants about the different opportunities the programme offered and presenting all phases of the application form in detail.  Moreover, the representatives of the energy sector and other participants had the opportunity to exchange ideas and contacts, as well as to establish new partnerships.

A closer cooperation is expected in this area in the forthcoming period in order to achieve greater energy efficiency in Vojvodina, especially taking into account the positive examples of best practice from the regions about which the representatives in Brussels learned.