The representatives of the Italian region of Umbria and Italian businesspeople in visit to the Executive Council

Novi Sad, 16 May – “The Italian region of Umbria is becoming a more and more significant partner of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina”, said Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs, greeting the guests from that region, who are staying in Novi Sad during the Agriculture Fair. ”A basis for strengthening the cooperation between our two regions is yet to be formed. As soon as Serbia becomes a candidate country for EU membership, new EU funds will be at our disposal. In order to use these funds it is necessary to have partners with whom joint projects, especially in agriculture, will be developed”, said Novikov to the guests of Nardi, industry of agricultural machines, and National Association of Italian Cattle Breeders.

Chiara dell Aglio of the Regional Development Agency of Umbria said that it was the institutions that created an environment, however, business representatives were the ones that used later that good environment for the development of their work.