The new Call for Proposals under IPA-CBC Hungary-Serbia presented

The European Affairs Fund-AP Vojvodina has organised a conference on the occasion of the new Call for Proposals under IPA-CBC Hungary-Serbia, with a total value of €12,359,230, in which non-profit institutions from the whole AP Vojvodina can participate. In addition to detailed information on the programme, goals, priorities and activities eligible under the Call, the attendees could learn about the changes in comparison with the previous Call.

“Some of the key changes with regard to the previous period are the new application form, which prevents administrative mistakes, furthermore, the previously necessary requirement of associate partners has been eliminated, which allows easier partner search, and the item of revision in the project has also been eliminated, which means that a special sector within the Ministry of Finance, established for this purpose, will deal with the first level control”, said Andrija Aleksić, Head of European Fund Department.

The representatives of municipalities, provincial secretariats, city companies and media attended the conference.