Deadline extension for Erasmus + projects

Due to the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus (Corona virus) and the difficulties that the applicants have due to the new situation, the European Commission has extended the deadline for submitting applications. The new deadlines for submitting project proposals are:

· 21 April 2020, for Erasmus + projects in the field of sport (Collaborative partnerships in the field of sport, Small collaborative partnerships, Non-profit European sporting events)

· 23 April 2020, Key Activity 2- Strategic Partnerships for Areas: General Education (Schools and Preschools), Vocational Education and Training, Higher Education, Adult Education, School Partnerships

· 7 May 2020, Key Activity 1- Youth Mobility

· 7 May 2020, Key Activity 2-Strategic Partnerships in the Field of Youth

· 7 May 2020, Key Activity 3- Youth Dialogue Projects

· 26 May 2020, Erasmus Charter for Higher Education