Promoting Vojvodina on Balkan trafik festival in Brussels

The Balkan Trafik Festival was held in Brussels and Namur from April 28 to May 1, 2022 for the 16th time. This festival is a specific multi-dimensional platform for cultural diplomacy and aims to bring together numerous participants and promote different types of art forms from Southeast Europe.

This year, for the first time, the Serbian Club Krug from Brussels participated in the Balkan Trafik Festival, presenting some specific products and handicrafts from Serbia, as well as the tourist and cultural potentials of our country. The office of Vojvodina in Brussels helped the performance of this club by providing promotional material prepared in cooperation with the Tourist Organization of Vojvodina, so that visitors could get acquainted with the offer of our province during three days.

This  year’s festival was organized in the open air for the first time, and many visitors had the opportunity to enjoy the performances of music and dance performers from Serbia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina. As part of the festival, art exhibitions, various debates and thematic workshops were held. When it comes to participants from Serbia, the performance of Goran Bregović and his orchestra, as well as the wind orchestra of Bojan Krstić, certainly attracted the most attention.