A working visit to the municipality of Alibunar

In order to collect information on the planned strategic projects of Alibunar Municipality, the representatives of the European Affairs Fund of the AP Vojvodina, Milan Čežek, Zoran Pavić, Nemanja Davidović and Jelena Radosavljević Rovčanin visited the municipality and held a meeting with Višnja Stefanović Diklić, head of municipal administration.

The goal of the visit was to inform the municipal authorities on the funding opportunities under the available EU programmes, which could solve some of the burning problems of the municipality of Alibunar. The biggest problem was the poor quality of drinking water on the territory of the entire municipality, which would be solved by installing a purifier. The conclusion was that it was not only a problem of that town in Banat, but also of neighbouring municipalities and that the issue could be solved most effectively if it was raised to a higher level, i.e. the level of the Province. Moreover, one of the major problems was the unsolved issue of landfills, which could be solved by applying for EU funds under one of the available Cross-border Cooperation Programmes.