A working visit to the municipality of Sečanj

Given the long-term engagement in developing local self-governments of Vojvodina, the representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina: Milan Čežek, Zoran Pavić and Jano Puškar have visited the municipality of Sečanj and held a meeting with Slobodan Repac, vice president of the municipality, and his associates. The goal of the visit was to inform the municipal authorities on the funding opportunities under the EU programmes, which could solve some of the burning problems of Sečanj Municipality.

The biggest problem is the lack of wastewater purifiers, as the finalization of the project on the introduction of faecal sewerage into settlements. The necessary funds for the completion of the works have been estimated at about fifteen million dinars. In their view, a significant project that could revive the municipality is the completion and opening of the border crossing at the village of Jaša Tomić, which could be solved most efficiently if it was raised to the level of the Province.

Moreover, one of the major problems is the unresolved landfill issue, which could be solved by applying for EU funds under one of the available cross-border cooperation programmes. There are several other projects that would help the development of the municipality, such as the construction of a sports hall and camp on the Tamiš. For their development, the representatives of Sečanj want to connect with the municipalities in Romania to submit a possible joint application for the EU funds.