Internship at the Office for European Affairs, while in Salzburg

Two trainees of the Office for European Affairs are doing a four-week internship at the Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE) in Salzburg, Austria. It is based on the membership of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in IRE, Salzburg, and it has resulted from a long-lasting cooperation and organisation of the cultural manifestation “Cafe d́’Europe” in Novi Sad.

“Valuable work experience that I have been gaining while doing the internship at IRE allows me to acquire greater knowledge about regionalisation and EU integration”, said Tijana Levakov, whilst Marina Grnja also pointed out research in regionalization as the most valuable experience she has gained during her stay and work in Salzburg.

Since its establishment in 2005, IRE has been inviting students and postgraduates at the universities of European regions on a regular basis, and this is the first time that students have been invited from a region of a country which still has not acquired the status of a candidate country.