(Српски) Реализован осми и девети циклус предавања у оквиру III модула Специјалистичког програма – Управљање регионалним развојем кроз ЕУ фондове

In the previous period, the "European Affairs" Fund of the Autonomous Province 
of Vojvodina successfully delivered lectures within the third module of the 
eighth and ninth cycles of the Specialist Program "Management of Regional 
Development through EU Funds".
Through the lectures, the participants improved their theoretical knowledge, 
were provided with mentoring support and participated in practical exercises 
in the field of regional development management, with a special focus on the 
use of funds from the European Union. The lectures included five key 
thematic units in the fields of agriculture, biomedicine, energy efficiency, 
artificial intelligence, rural development, tourism, sports and culture.
The III module of the specialist program is realized through cooperation with 
the Faculty of Technical Sciences from Novi Sad, which ensures high quality 
of training and expertise of lecturers.
The partnership with this faculty further enriches the experience of the 
participants, enabling them to access the latest information, 
methodologies and practices in the field of regional development through EU funds.