The Regional Business Forum – Creation of an environment for faster economic development

The Regional Business Forum is being held in Novi Sad 25-27 September 2018, organized by the Assembly of European Regions and the Assembly of AP Vojvodina, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina, Development Agency of Vojvodina and Enterprise Europe Network, with the support of the European Affairs Fund “AP Vojvodina.

Đorđe Milićević, Vice-president of the Provincial Government has said today at the opening of the first Regional Business Forum in Novi Sad that the task of public services, national and provincial authorities is to create an ambience and good conditions for business, so that businessmen can achieve their business interests.

He emphasized that the figures at the first business forum indicated that we were on the right track, because the forum had brought together 142 participants – business people from 16 countries.

“This speaks of the need for economic integration among businessmen, regions and countries,” said Vice-president Milićević and underlined that the Republic of Serbia and AP Vojvodina put economic development on top of their priorities.

He underlined that in the last few years, exceptional results had been achieved, first of all in economic stabilization, and then in economic development. It was proven by a figure of 4.5 percent of gross domestic product growth in the first half of this year, through a continuity over the years, which was encouraging.

Milićević emphasized that the growth of industrial production, above all processing industry, tourism and construction, was good news, and that those trends were being monitored in AP Vojvodina.

“The provincial government gives maximum contribution to the economy of Vojvodina, and with a series of incentive measures and through the provincial budget, it creates an environment for achieving good economic results,” said Vice-president Milićević.

Boško Vučurević, President of the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina, emphasized that what was of great importance was the unity of all institutions and executive authorities in Vojvodina that created a real economic environment for the further performances of the Vojvodina economy in all regional and other markets.

Among the speakers at the forum were also Nikola Žeželj, Director of the Development Agency of Vojvodina, as well as experts in entrepreneurship and finance from Belgium, the Netherlands, Romania, Turkey and Italy.