Cooperation between AP Vojvodina and the German region of Hesse

Vojvodina European Office in Brussels cooperates with a number of regions that have their representations in Brussels. One of the most important partners is certainly the German region of Hesse. Joint meetings are regularly organized and current issues of mutual interest are discussed. The meeting, which took place at Hesse premises in Brussels, was hosted by Tamara Hajji, in charge of international cooperation and European Union policy issues.

The representatives of the two regions highlighted the good cooperation so far, both in Brussels and directly between different entities from AP Vojvodina and Hesse. As a reminder, at the end of  2019, AP Vojvodina and Hesse signed a Joint Declaration of Intentions on establishing cooperation. This statement envisages cooperation in the following areas:
Economy, trade and industry, investment attraction, science and technology, education, culture, environmental protection, social issues, youth and sports.
The agreement was signed just before the global corona virus pandemic outbreak. As a result, more intensive cooperation began only in 2022. This led to certain initiatives in the areas of education, environmental protection, and exchange of high school students learning the German language, i.e. in the field of environmental protection.
The interlocutor from Germany was also interested in the progress of the Republic of Serbia in the field of European integration and noted that there is a possibility of organizing an event at the premises of Hesse in Brussels, where the subject of EU enlargement would be discussed. In this sense, they expressed their willingness to participate in such an event and give their contribution to the representative of the Mission of the Republic of Serbia to the European Union.