Cooperation with the municipalities of Žitiste and Sečanj

The representatives of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, Senka Bengin and Zoran Pavić, as well as the representatives of the Vojvodina Development Agency, Nataša Rončević and Maja Skojić Heger, visited the municipality of Žitiste and the municipality of Sečanj on 18th June 2019.

In the municipality of Žitiste, they had a meeting with Dragan Petković, President of the Assembly, and Jelena Travar Miljević, assistant to the municipal president for LER. In the municipality of Sečanj, their hosts were Ljiljana Kitić, Deputy Municipal President, and her associates.

An agreement was made to enhance direct cooperation between the representatives of local governments and the Fund, as well as RAV, even though there was some progress regarding the use of EU funds and attraction of foreign investors in the past two years. In this regard, the representatives of both municipalities underlined the contribution of the European Affairs Fund of APV in the achieved results in terms of applying for EU funds, because of  frequent visits, initiatives and support that led to the final realization. Successful cooperation with partners from Romania was also registered, since most of the submitted and implemented projects were targeted at the Interreg IPA CBC Romania-Serbia.

In the municipality of Žitiste, a need for the implementation of the Funds’s training courses “Prospects of Financing through EU Funds“ was indentified, since there was a large number of those interested in contributing to the development of their local self-government through such type of education, while the representatives of the municipality of Sečanj emphasized the need for the reconstruction of their cultural center, whihc could be solved through EU projects with the help of the Fund.