Cooperation with Irig and Inđija

Fund of AP Vojvodina, Senka Bengin and Zoran Pavić, together with the representatives of the Vojvodina Development Agency, Biljana Vrzić and Maja Sokić Heger, have visited today the municipality of Irig and the municipality of Indjija.
In the municipality of Irig, they met with Slobodanka Marić, Head of the Department for Economy and Local and Economic Development, and her associates. In Inđija Municipality, they were welcomed by Dragan Janković, Director of the Agency for Economic Development of the Municipality of Indjija.
During the meetings, a more comprehensive direct cooperation between the representatives of local governments and the Fund was agreed on, regarding the EU funding opportunities through assistance in the selection and development of EU project and future training courses in the municipality of Irig and the municipality of Indjija by the employees of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina, planned for all those interested in the municipalities.
Moreover, the discussion at the meetings also touched upon the opportunities for cooperation between the representatives of the local self-government and the Vojvodina Development Agency through the use of subsidies and through the drafting of development documents directly concerning the public local self-government.