Cooperation “floats” on the Danube, from the Elm to the Black Sea

Novi Sad/Ulm, 11 July – In the past few days, the International Danube Festival 2008 was held in Ulm, Baden-Württemberg State, Germany, under the sponsorship of the President of the Government of Baden-Württemberg State, Günther Oettinger. The Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, with its economic, tourist, cultural and other contents, was also presented at the Danube Festival, along with a lot of other cities and the Danube river basin parts. Apart from Vojvodina and Serbia, representatives of Hungary, Croatia, Austria and the host country, Germany were present as well.

– During the stay in Ulm, our county was introduced in the proper manner as a result of the great efforts of the Danube Bureau. It was agreed that the formation of the Danube Council – the Danube Region would be formally initiated at the European Week of Regions and Cities “Open Days” in Brussels in early October. Similarly to previous years, our county will be presented in Brussels in cooperation with Baden-Württemberg State. Once again Vojvodina will present our country in the best light and open up new opportunities for a larger influx of foreign investments and for the establishment of stronger economic ties between local and foreign companies.

“Vojvodina will extend its hand once again to the other regions of our country. I hope that other regions from our country will have a chance to join Vojvodina in the shortest time possible, so that our country could be presented in the best possible way” – said Predrag Novikov, upon his return. In the discussion with the representatives of cities and regions at the Danube basin held in Ulm, it was agreed that the CBC Programme is to be continued, which will start in early autumn.