Meeting of the coordination group for the use of EU funds

The meeting of the coordination group for the use of EU funds was held at the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina on 2 March 2017. Given the diversity of the topics on the agenda, the audience consisted of representatives from the public and civil society, and the total number of participants was over seventy.

The event was opened by Vidosava Enderić, Director of the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina. The first item on the agenda was the presentation of the new call under Creative Europe, Culture subprogramme – European platforms, which was presented by the project manager of the Antenna of Creative Europe Culture Desk Serbia, Mina Radmilović Pjevac. The call in the framework of the European platform will be open until 6 April 2017. Moreover, the presentation also involved “offers” for potential project partnerships in the framework of the call received from applicants from neighbouring countries.

The second item on the agenda was related to the presentation of the specific call under IPA, referring to the support for the provision of health-care, utilities and social services in the Serbian municipalities taking care of migrants and refugees. The Fund’s representative Jovana Kontić underlined the priorities of the calls and relevant deadlines.

The participants were particularly interested in the program of the European Union, Erasmus+, which promotes the recognition and validation of qualifications in education, open access to educational materials, documents, and media contents generated in the projects funded and beyond, as well as the international dimension of the activities, multilingualism, equality and inclusive approach to education. Tamara Glisic Krivošija presented the annual plan of activities and the launch of the call in the framework of the program in which Serbia has participated since 2014.

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