A meeting of the project team of the “Mosquito Control in Cross-border Area– MOS Cross“ in Osijek

On Friday, 17th November, a meeting was held under the “MOS-Cross” project in Osijek, which was attended by the members of the project team, i.e. representatives of the Public Health Institute  Sombor, the Institute of Public Health for the Osijek-Baranya County and the European Affairs Fund of AP Vojvodina – Ivana Đurica, Gabriella Haas, Gordana Jakovljević and Tamara Glišić-Krivošija.

The meeting discussed the following steps in the project implementation, so that the project could be timely implemented in accordance with the Action Plan and the Public Procurement Plan. Each partner institution outlined its plans for the implementation of public procurement in the forthcoming period, which were a prerequisite for further implementation of the project. The discussion also involved the deadlines for public procurement, obligations of partner institutions, by presenting the planned project activities in the second reporting period. Moreover, the preparation of the report for the first reporting period submitted at the end of October was also analysed, so was the request for additional documentation in response to the report submitted by the Croatian partners.

In addition, the submission of a joint application under the following call under the Interreg IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme was considered. Ms Magdalena Sikora, a member of the project team from Osijek, presented a draft idea for the continuation of the project, while the representatives of other partner institutions gave their suggestions.