The meeting with the Bavarian Industry Association

In the liaison office of the Bavarian Industry Association in Brussels , the representatives of the Vojvodina European Office had an opportunity to present the business and investment actuality of AP Vojvodina to Volker Pitts-Thurm, Head of Liaison Office. On this occasion, the potential for cooperation in many fields was discussed, especially in the fields of auto-industry, agriculture, research and development. This meeting was the result of a meeting that Srđan Mačkić, Head of the Vojvodina European Office had with representatives of this German State at the end of 2019.
Pitts-Thurm, the Head of the Office informed our representatives about the organisation and activities of the association headed by him, and also about the activities of other German business representatives in Brussels. He also showed interest in more ways of doing business in AP Vojvodina, especially through the examples of numerous German companies already present in Vojvodina, that is, in the Republic of Serbia.
According to the opinion of the two speakers, some companies, such as Siemens and ZF, are among the largest employers in Bavaria, and at the same time employ a significant number of people in AP Vojvodina
Srdjan Mackic, Head of the Vojvodina European Office invited the Bavarian business delegation to visit AP Vojvodina in order to see firsthand the economic and investment capacities in the Province, and expressed hope that this was another step towards increasing the volume of cooperation between the German and Serbian economies.
Interconnection – both directly among businessmen and relevant institutions, as well as in Brussels – is a priority for future cooperation between the Office of the AP of Vojvodina in Brussels and the Bavarian Industry Association in Brussels