Meetings in Brussels with partners from Umbria, Gelderland and Bavaria

The three separate meetings were held between the representatives of AP Vojvodina and the representatives of the European regions: Umbria-Italy, Gelderland-Holland and Bavaria-Germany during the month of November, organized by AP Vojvodina’s European Office in Brussels.

Srđan Mačkić, Head of the Vojvodina European Office met with a representative of Umbria Gabriella Ceccarelli with whom he talked about the current topics in this Italian region. First of all, the guest emphasized the belief that the new Umbria government will continue to support projects in the field of culture and youth policies in which AP Vojvodina and Umbria have so far cooperated.
To remind ourselves, a Cooperation Agreement was signed in 2014 between AP Vojvodina and

Umbria. Srdjan Mačkic took the opportunity to discuss in more detail about Novi Sad, the European Capital of Culture in 2021 and the activities undertaken in this regard.

Although no cooperation agreement has been signed with the Dutch region of Gelderland so far, as with Umbria, at the meeting between the representatives of the two regions we are proud to say that a total of 7 projects were successfully implemented between entities from our province and Gelderland. In these seven projects, the largest among them is the project “Antares” of BioSense Institute from Novi Sad and the Wageningen University, one of the most important world universities in the field of agriculture. Representatives of the two regions discussed the announced visit of agricultural delegations of AP Vojvodina and Gelderland, which is planned for the beginning of next year, which should include representatives of universities, specialized institutes and other experts in this field, in addition to representatives of the line secretariats.

The third meeting with regional partners this month was held with Georg Hirsh, representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Bavaria, with whom Srdjan Mačkić discussed the possibilities of cooperation in the most important economic area for AP Vojvodina. So far, there has been no official cooperation with Bavaria in Brussels, and there is a strong belief that this meeting is the beginning of a new regional partnership.