Seven million euros arriving to Serbia

Rome, Italy – During the official visit to Italy upon the invitation of Italian partners, Predrag Novikov, Director of the Office for European Affairs, Siniša Laziić, Provincial Secretary of Economy, and representatives of the Ministry for International Economic Relations of the Serbian Government have visited the Ministry for Economic Development and talked about bilateral relations with Vincenzo Donato, Director General. There were also talks with Carlo Nizzo, President of Sviluppo Globale (Global Development), about the implementation of the Northeast Serbia Municipal Support Programme, which the Italian government strongly supported. The sum of seven million euros would be realized in the following two years through the European Agency for Reconstruction.

“The implementation of the project “Vekovi Bača” is to start in the forthcoming months, through which the territorial pact from Sicily will invest €36,000, only in the first phase, for the reconstruction of the fortress in Bač, with the support of the Provincial Secretariat for Culture”, said Novikov.