Seminar “Creative Europe Programme – project preparation” – Sirogojno

The Culture Desk Creative Europe Serbia in cooperation with the Museum in the open “Staro selo“, Sirogojno organized the seminar “Creative Europe Programme – project preparation” from 12th until 15th July 2016.

The aim of the seminar was the development of project ideas and preparation of projects to apply for the Creative Europe programme, raising the programmatic – organizational capacities of institutions and organizations from Serbia, as well as contribution to decentralization in the field of culture. Apart from this, the seminar was organized so as to enhance communication, cooperation and exchange of experiences of cultural institution and organization representatives from cities and counties of Serbia.

The calls for participation were addressed to all institutions and organizations from Serbia planning to apply for the Creative Europe programme, regardless of the fact whether they participated in international cooperation projects or they were planning their international activities.

Following the public call, the results of the selection were 20 institutions and organisations from Serbia whose representation attended the seminar. Among them were four museums (National Museum of Kraljevo, Museum of Yugoslav History, Theater Museum of Vojvodina and National Museum of Valjevo), three libraries (National Library of Požega, Central Library “Ljubomir Nenadović” of Valjevo and Library “Stefan Prvovenčani“ of Kraljevo), two cultural centers (Roma Cultural Centre of Belgrade and Cultural and Educational Centre “Vuk Karadžić” of Plandište), two faculties and one school (Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Economics in Belgrade and School of Animated Films of Vranje), one gallery (Art Gallery “Nadežda Petrović“ of Čačak), and seven CSOs (Academic Initiative “Forum 10“ of Novi Pazar, Association “Krokodil“ of Beograda, Association Eco Art & Theory, City-Guerilla of Belgrade, Citizens’ Association “Muzej pivarstva Đorđe Vajfert“ of Pančevo, Group for Creative Economy, Citizens’ Association “Kudes“ of Beograda and Belgrade Raw Collective).

The topics that were covered by the seminar were contemporary practices and concepts in the international cultural cooperation, cultural heritage and contemporary art; management of international projects; European cultural policy and priorities of the Creative Europe programme. The programme of the seminar involved the presentations of the Creative Europe programme (Dimitrije Tadić, Nina Mihaljinac, Milan Đorđević, Desk Creative Europe Serbia, and on behalf of the Antenna of the Desk Creative Europe Serbia – Luka Kulić, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina), a lecture on the topic of contemporary art practices (Jovan Čekić, Faculty of Media and Communications), fund raising in culture (Virdžinija Đeković, Association “Communication Point”), workshop programme – presentations, consultation and discussion on the project proposals.